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This at first glance mischievous girl played very serious roles in the movie. Her name is Audrey Tautou. Audrey was born in France in the small commune of Beaumont on August 9, 1976. She studied Zoology, and thought to link her future with the natural Sciences, she also graduated from music school, after which she was able to play the piano and oboe. At the age of 17, she moved to Paris, and decided to give up her career as a zoologist and become an actress. Audrey began attending acting courses and auditions, as well as studying in parallel at the University of Philology. Her career began with television series and short films, and her first feature film was “Beauty salon Venus”, in which she played the role of Marie. For this role, she received the award as “Best aspiring actress”. The turning point of Audrey's acting career was the role in the film “Amelia”, in which she replaced actress Emily Watson, who refused to shoot. The film was very successful and Audrey Tautou became very popular. Audrey has a very attractive appearance that sinks into the head, her smile looks very naughty, and her body is very refined and elegant. I suggest you get naked photos of the actress from the movies, where you can see her wet Tits and juicy ass.

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