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Adele Exarchopoulos 27-year-old French actress, the youngest winner of "the Palme d'or". As a child, Adele was a modest and shy child, for this reason, her parents sent her to a theater studio, where she quickly settled in. Adele's first work was the picture "Martha"and after a successful debut, the young actress was invited to the series "R. I. S, police scientifique". Popularity is due to the role of "Teacher Adele" in the shocking film "Life of Adele" in 2013 year. For the girl, this role was a turning point in her life. The film, which tells about the love of two girls, made a triumph at the Cannes film festival. Directors are attracted to Adele's angelic appearance and how it looks organically in the frame. Adele uses gentle and alluring facial features to create passionate heroines who can win hearts.

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