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Hot sexy babe Amber Heard was born in the second largest state in the United States. Where is it? Of course in Texas! And it was April 22, 1986. Amber is a popular actress, she has played roles in the DC film universe — Aquaman, Justice League, as well as in popular Hollywood films: Welcome to Zombieland, Rum diary, Girl from Denmark, Crazy ride. How did her career begin? We believe that it all started at St. Michael's Academy, where the girl participated in theatrical productions. Soon, at the age of 17, Amber moves to new York and gets a job in a modeling Agency, but the work of a model does not appeal to her, and she moves to Los Angeles to try herself in the movies. Her debut roles were on the TV series Jack and Bobby, Lonely hearts and the Mountain. This was followed by many successful and not very successful works in many films. As a result, the peak of its popularity falls on our time, thanks to work with projects such as Zombieland, Aquaman and the Justice League. Amber had a marriage with Brad Pitt, but it ended in divorce. After that, they had a short relationship with Elon Musk, but they also broke up due to employment. Now, as fans suspect, Amber is in a relationship with actress Cara Delevingne. Let's let go of Amber Heard's personal life and talk about equally interesting things — her naked movie roles and Nude photos. Her bare ass can be seen in the 2018 film London fields. And the naked Tits of an actress in the movie alpha Dog and the Johnson Family. She was also on her Nude photo shoots and Nude shooting in movies. By the way, you can see all these photos below, so I wish you a pleasant viewing.

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