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Do you hear that beautiful voice? What a pity that we can't send you an audio message, because Anne Hathaway is not only a famous actress, but also a singer, she even received awards for the best voice acting. But this sexy beauty is most popular thanks to the movie. During her career, she also played a hot Catwoman with superpowers, a DC comics character, a Disney Princess, a prostitute who is on the verge of death, a statuesque and gorgeous White Queen, in the film Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass. The range of her roles is limitless, and acting is always at the highest level. She was a winner of the Academy awards, Golden globe, and BAFTA. Since childhood, she absorbed the atmosphere of the theater, as her mother was a theater actress, and at the age of 10, Anne sang in a musical performance, also in childhood, Anne did a lot of vocals, which helped her in her musical career. Anne Hathaway has played erotic scenes in the movies more than once, and they turned out to be especially hot, thanks to the refined figure, and the bright Irish, extremely attractive appearance of the actress. Now I suggest getting enough of her juicy naked Tits and beautiful ass.

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