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Who was she? Let's start in order. Winner of the Academy award and many other awards. The one who saved earth from Thanos along with the Avengers. Famous American actress. A singer who has signed a contract with Universal Records and with Casablanca Records, as well as a film Director. All this is said about Brie Larson. And this is actually her alias, her full name is Brianna Sidonie Desaulniers. She was born in the United States, namely in California on October 1, 1989. In her youth, she studied at the theater Academy, where her career began. Later, she began acting in various shows and series, and the turning point was the film “Room”, for which she received an Oscar and many other significant awards. Brie Larson has spent a lot of time on music, and it's available on iTunes. She also played in such films as:Avengers: Endgame, Captain Marvel, Kong: Skull Island. Brie Larson is a very sexy and attractive woman. She has an elegant and graceful figure, dark brown eyes, and natural beautiful Breasts.

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