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Which African-born woman won the first Academy award? Yes, this is a legendary actress whose name is on the alley of stars in Hollywood-Charlize Theron. Already at the age of 6, she began studying ballet, and at the age of 13, she began studying at the national school of art, in 16, she won a modeling contest and later worked as a model. The ballerina's career failed, due to a knee injury, but this did not stop Charlize Theron. After buying a one-way ticket, she moved to Los Angeles, where she had to survive due to lack of funds. By a happy coincidence, she met John Crosby, who asked her to play in a movie. She gained popularity due to her role in the film Devil's Advocate, as well as Mighty Joe Young and 2 Days in the Valley. You can also see it in such films as: the Fate Of the Furious, Mad Max: Fury Road. And now I suggest you enjoy her Nude photos, like frames from a movie where she does not have clothes on, and professional Nude photos where you can get enough of her beautiful body and sexy Tits, ass and pussy.

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