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Be prepared, now you will see big Tits, the owner of which, a red-haired beauty named Christina Hendricks. By the way, until the age of ten, she was not red-haired, she was a natural blonde, but she began to constantly dye her hair red. She was born in the United States on may 3, 1975, where her career as an actress began. However, she did not immediately start acting in movies, first she worked as a model, starred in advertising. Constant photo shoots and performances on the catwalk helped her to liberate herself, because as a child she was a very insecure teenager. The main popularity she received for her role on the TV series: mad Men. She is also known for such films as: the Strangers: Prey at Night, Bad Santa 2,Struck by Lightning. Christina Hendricks has a solid body, but this makes her even more attractive and beautiful. Her large Breasts match perfectly with her graceful body. She always has a straight posture, a confident gait, and always looks energetic. I suggest you enjoy her big Tits and gorgeous body.

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