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This attractive girl is Elizabeth moss, a famous American actress. The actress was born in the United States, namely in Los Angeles on July 24, 1982. Since childhood, Elizabeth worked hard in dance, her parents were very creative people, her father was a producer, and her mother was a musician. The first time the girl got on the set at the age of 8 years, where she made her debut in acting. Soon, she chose an acting career, and began acting in various films. Each time, her roles became more complex and with a deep meaning and a great story of the character. It all started with the image of a frivolous teenage girl, the turning point was the picture “Girl, Interrupted”, where Elizabeth played a very serious and difficult role of Polly “Burner” Clark. Also, playing with stars and professionals such as Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder and Whoopi Goldberg gave you invaluable experience. After that, there were many strong roles and excellent acting. The peak of popularity came thanks to the role in the series “Mad Men”. Soon, a horror film with her participation called the Invisible Man will be released, in which she will play the main role of Cecilia Cass. There were also Nude scenes involving moss, namely in the film Top of the lake, where the actress had a major role. Now I suggest you get enough photos from this movie, where you can see the actress's bare Breasts and her ass, as well as get enough of her other photos.

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