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Emily Browning is a very sexy girl originally from Australia. She was born on December 7, 1988. She is known as an actress, singer, and fashion model. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to play in the theater or in the movies. Emily began her career with a role on the TV movie Echo of thunder. And its popularity she received, thanks to roles in such films as: Ghost Ship, Sleeping Beauty, Pompeii. Emily has got slight and graceful body, well-shaped arms, narrow shoulders and very lovely small tits, which are very please the eye. For several years, Emily did not play any roles. The break in filming was not the end of her career, but only a lull before the storm. Her return was very warmly received by fans. Emily is very attractive women. Her ass is very harmonious with her whole body and is icing on the cake of her looks and beauty. Emily has done a lot of Nude photography, and participated in Nude photo sessions. Therefore, I suggest that you enjoy her gorgeous body, beautiful Tits, naked ass and pussy.

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