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Do you know this sexy women with slender body, fair skin, curly ginger hair and long legs? The highest-paid actress of 2017,she played the role of Peter Parker's lover in the film The Amazing Spider-Man and winner of many significant awards in the film industry. All of this was said about Emma Stone. She was born in Arizona in the United States on November 6, 1988. Already at the age of 11, Emma participated in many theatrical productions, which gave her experience and became starting point of her acting career. After moving to Los Angeles and growing up, she began to put her knowledge into practice and develop it. She starred in TV movies, various TV series and after years of working on herself, gaining experience and improving her acting skills, the turning point of her career came. It was the main female role in the film The Amazing Spider-Man that brought her the most popularity. Emma was not often filmed naked, for example, you can see her nude in the movie The favorite. But this does not prevent you from enjoying photos of her beautiful, juicy, natural naked Breasts and nice body.

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