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Eva Green is a famous France actress. Also, this attractive lady is known as a model. Eva was born in the heart of France, in Paris July 6, 1980. At the age of 7, she was interested in Egyptology, but at the age of 14, young lady decided to become an actress. Perhaps if she had continued to study the science of Egypt, we would not have seen her great acting in movies, and her beautiful professional photo shoots. She has performed roles in such films as: 300: Rise of an Empire, The Dreamers, Casino Royal, The Golden Compass. But she was most famous for her role in the film The Dreamers, where there were a lot of bed and candid walls with the participation of Eva. Actress has got neat perfect body, jet-black crisp hair, her eyes are ocean blue. Eva Green is a very sexy women and many people noticed the zest and peculiarity in her appearance. Her gaze is as mesmerizing as an eagle grabs its prey. Her Breasts are as beautiful as the planet Venus. I suggest you enjoy photos of her sexy body, juicy Tits, pussy and her dark hair.

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