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Jacqueline Goehner is a hot and sexy girl. Her height is 5,54 ft (1.69 m). When you look at it, the girl's Breasts attract attention, they are large and very pleasant to the eye, and when her Tits are naked, it just excites the whole body. What does this hot beauty do? Let's start with the fact that she is a model, because she has the perfect appearance for this. Her bright red hair and gray-green eyes attract attention as much as the rest of her body. The model is mainly engaged in cosplay. She is a fan of computer games and movies, which is why she makes a lot of very high-quality cosplay. Thanks to her appearance, cosplay are extremely sexy and hot. Jacqueline uses her modeling and reincarnation skills to the fullest, so she is also a Costume Designer. She has the alias Jackie Goehner. She is also an actress and played in two films If [Blank] Were Real and Star Trek Continues. And Jackie was born on July 22, 1984, in California, USA. And now I propose to get enough naked photos of this mind-blowing beauty, her magnificent body, bare Breasts, juicy ass and shaved pussy.

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