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This sexy Keeley girl had to go a long and very hard way before becoming a model. She was born in London on September 18, 1986, according to the zodiac sign Virgo. Since childhood, Keeley has dreamed of becoming a model. She did not like school very much, and she constantly skipped it, often being in not the best companies of people. Keeley left school with a Heartbreak and started looking for a part-time job. For some time, the girl worked as a hairdresser, which did not coincide with her dream to shoot Nude for the famous magazine Daily Star and Sun. But at the moment she was 16 years old, and she could not yet get into the magazine naked. Keeley didn't waste any time and saved up money for her first serious photo shoot to fill out her portfolio. There was more than one photo shoot until she turned 18 and the girl was able to participate in the casting to get to the third page of the magazine with Nude photos. In the end, she beat all the participants and fulfilled her dream. Today, she is a popular model and British actress. Starred in such films as:”Cashback”, ”The Beauty Inside”, ”The Royals”. Now I suggest you enjoy photos of sexy Keeley Hazell.

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