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Penelope Cruz is an extremely sexy girl with big Tits. She was born on April 28, 1974, in the city Alcobendas, Spain. She has quite serious achievements in film, she is an Oscar winner, and besides, she is the first Spanish actor to receive such a significant award. And so it is popular in Spanish films, and in Hollywood and generally known all over the world. Penelope also has a named star in Hollywood. Since childhood, she was engaged in ballet, and at the age of 14 decided to develop an acting career. And at 15, she managed to get a job in a modeling Agency. In 1991, she played in a Nude scene on the TV series “Pink series” (naked photos you can see after the text), and then played the main role of “Hamon, Hamon”, for which she was awarded the Spanish cinematography award and became the sex symbol of the year. And in truth, her stunning appearance and bare Breasts will not leave anyone indifferent. In 2001, when the actress moved to new York, she played in the drama “Vanilla sky”, after which she became world-famous. She played the beloved main character in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: on strange shores”. In 2020, the movie “Scam in Miami” with her participation will be released. In the meantime, I suggest you get enough of her naked photos, stripped big Breasts, juicy ass and a great body.

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