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Salma Hayek is a very sexy Latina with big Breasts. At the moment, 53 years old (September 2, 1966), she looks great and very attractive, proving that a woman can remain beautiful and desirable for as long as she wants. Salma is a famous actress originally from Mexico, she was born in the city Coatzacoalcos. Since childhood, the girl was fond of art and diligently engaged in gymnastics. At 15, she moved to live with her aunt in Houston, where she improved her English level so that she could build an acting career in the United States, which she had dreamed of since childhood, when she went to the cinema with her father. In 1991, she moved to Los Angeles, as she finally became convinced that she wanted to become an actress, and not a politician, which she studied. Hard training in acting courses and working to get rid of the Mexican accent paid off. Even before moving to Los Angeles, she became a star in her country, playing a very bright role in the movie “Alley of wonders”. But when she came to America, she faced discrimination, because of her Mexican origin, the actress was simply not given the main roles. But Salma Hayek also went through these difficulties. Many people remember her dancing with a boa constrictor in the movie “From dusk to dawn”, where she demonstrated her sexy figure. “Once upon a time in Mexico”, “How to make love in English” and many other films starred the actress. She also played erotic scenes in movies, and shot Nude for photo shoots. Now I suggest getting enough of her naked photos, big Tits and juicy ass.

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